A letter, my darling,
A letter, my dearest,
I’m holding a letter in my left hand,
The same hand you held
When I told you about the only thing my mind wants.

Now all that’s left is the empty life it haunts,
A cold hand, and a letter.

And I cannot send this letter.
There is no mailbox,
No postal office,
Only real worlds have those.
And are my words real
If I can’t send them to you?

You know I would have written you letters,
Even if we shared the same room.
Because I’m composed of letters,
For you, my darling.
The kind that overflow the teacups,
And the lids of eyes.

But, so long as I hold this one empty letter,
No more words I’ll write,
And every experience hereafter,
Will be darkened by the tinge
Of my inkless heart,
That cannot bloom upon the page
And root itself
In endless flowered scripts for you.

So my darling, my dearest,
I’m holding this letter,
In my left hand,
(But is it my left hand,
Or just the only hand that’s left to me?
The other one having been cut off from its vitality?)
In any case, it won’t be long
Before the hand that holds it
Is the coldest one of all.

07_02_15 Du Brauchts nur Gedichteschuhe

Komm mit mir mein liebe Schaf
Komm mit mir mein liebe Schaf

Du bist die Tinte meiner Märchenwelt.
Bitte, nimm diese Gedichteschuhe
Damit du mit mir in diesem Gedicht
Wandern kannst.
Bitte, bleib mit mir in diesem Gedicht,
Teil mit mir
Unsere einzigartige Sprache.

Eine ganze Welt liegt in diesem Gedicht
Und glaub mich mein Schaf,
Bis an Ende der Welt ginge ich mit dir,
Würdest du mit mir bummeln?

Das ist eine Welt in der
Der Rhein fließt,
Die Tulpen und die Senfeblumen wachsen,
Die gelbeblumen der Vor und Nachfreude.

Das ist eine Welt in der
Wir schaukeln zwischen wunderschönen Wörter,
Wir sitzen mit
Der heißen Schokolade unserer Freundschaft,
Starke, warme,
Und gemütliche.
Um diese heiße Schokolade
Können wir für die Ewigkeit

Das ist eine Welt in der
Ein Schafetraum wächst,
Und wir leben in
Eine Welt in der
Wir zeichnen die Wege unserer Langlaufskis,
In allen den magischen
Verschneiten Wald Blätter,
Zwischen den
Unsere besondere Freundschaft scheint,
Und alles unser wörterabenteuer
Werde Balsam für die Seele sein.

Schreib mit mir mein liebe Schaf
Schreib mit mir mein liebe Schaf…

06_02_15 Je t’aime in Frenglish

Few people would believe me
If I told them that
The best part of Switzerland for me
Was all the love that came from Germany.
And though it hurts so much,
And though my eyes flow like the Rhein,
I know hurt is part of love
And hurt we must,
Until it’s washed away
And we can see each other again
Some brillant snowed or summer’s day.

But for now, je me sens
Comme un petit animal blessé
Qui a qu’une seule envie,
De s’endormir pour toujours,
Dans la neige et dans le froid.

Mais je t’aime trop pour ça.
Après tout je t’aime en two imaginations
Je t’aime in Frenglish,
I love you en Franglais.
La langue de ma plus profonde émotion,
Et de me première véritable amie.

I jump from world to monde
Searching for l’expression parfaite,
Mais tu me manque
Between les deux
Dans le space perdu.

Je n’aurais jamais cru
Que quelqu’un pouvait m’aimer,
Au tant
Sans even being amoureuse
With me.
Malheureusement, because I value
This noble love of amitié so much
I fell in love with toi,
And you paraît to me,
L’unique amour de toute ma vie.

You asked me once upon a time,
On a promenade –
À quoi tu penses?
– J’avais trop peur de te répondre
I pense only of toi.

How can the void
That crushes my sleepless nuits,
Be filled with so much misery?
Les matins sont un enfer
Remplie de peine –
Without you ce monde est fragmented
My pen is errant and erratic,
Not quite knowing if any page or plume,
Can soulage
My tellement shattered cœur, my heart so éclaté.
The pain bilingue
Doubles emotion in my aching âme.

Il n’y aura jamais enough de mots
Dans toutes les langues
Pour te dire
How many mondes d’amour
You could live en moi.

Le domaine de ma poésie se brise
Against the icy shores du lac remué,
Par un vent si froid
That I feel my heart turn
To brittle shards of glace,
And icy songs are all that wail
Within my barely breathing human cave,
Frigid sangs is all that flows
Within my hopeless veines,
But, tout cela fondra
When the printemps comes again.

And I will write you a whole wide world,
Peuplé de mots et de moutons.

05_02_15 Ma Mouton, Ma Meilleure Amie

Quand je suis (vraiment) née dans ce pays,
Il y avait une mouton,
Arrivée chez moi.

O douce Mouton!
Tu es venu comme une lumière,
Eclairer ma vie,
Et pour moi, Mouton, tu es devenue
La meilleure des amies.
Tu l’as été, tu l’es toujours,
Et tu le seras à jamais.

Une mouton est ma meilleure amie,
Parce qu’elle est une amie
Qui aime sans réserve,
Qui est paisible comme la douceur
Des champs du plus fleuri printemps.

Ma mouton me donne de l’ancre
Pour mon imagination.
Ma mouton est l’amie
Qui irait avec moi
Jusqu’à l’infini.
Ma mouton est une amie
Qui accueille
Tantôt mes cris de joie,
Tantôt mes larmes de désespoir,
Tout le temps avec la même douceur.
Ma mouton est une amie
Avec qui j’ai partagé
Tous les simples bonheurs de cette belle vie,
Les matins de muesli,
Les siestes en plein soleil,
Les promenades au bord du lac,
Et tous les secrets aussi brillant
Et profonds que ceux-ci déjà dit.

Cette mouton est une amie,
Qui a été
Très patiente pour moi,
Et qui devra l’être encore,
Mais je sais qu’elle le fera.

Ma mouton est une amie
Qui ne m’oubliera jamais,
Parce qu’elle m’a observé
Avec toute son âme,
Elle n’est pas parfaite,
Mais c’est comme ça
Que je l’aime.
Et elle m’a quand même
Aidé de tout son cœur,
Malgré la peine,
Ou la peur
Que ça a pu lui faire.
Et c’est peut-être pour ça,
Que j’ai tant de peine,
À marcher ce chemin
Sans elle.
Même si je sais au fond de moi,
Que ma mouton
Est toujours là
À veiller tendrement sur moi.
Parce que pour moi, Mouton,
Tu seras toujours
La meilleures des amies.
Doux à moi
Toutes les douceurs
De ma vie.

04/02/2015- The Beating of Your Heart

What does it mean,
To be so terrible at goodbyes?
Is there anyone who’s good at them?
Please tell me where they are,
So that I may learn from them.

If only they were endless,
For there’s never time enough,
To craft the perfect tragic ending.
I did not hold your face,
Or look into your eyes enough,
Or tell you that you meant the universe to me.
It was the rushing of too thick emotion,
That winding clock of pained intensity.

Now, I feel the ever-expanding gap of time
Severing me each minute from your warmth,
And the first and the last
Time, I lay in your arms.
That dreadful day was bittersweet,
When at last,
I heard the beating of your tender heart.
That remarkable sound,
Pulsing forward all your love and strength.
At night I hear the same deep rhythm
Believing briefly you are there,
But, it’s my own sick heart,
Still keeping time with yours,
Pacing in the dark.

How could something so süß,
Like gentle lamb and sheep,
Playing in yellow flowered fields,
Produce such an atrocious yearning?
A consumed and bleating heart?

I hope the spring will come again,
Green and innocent and flowing,
Shafts of golden light,
In endless rivers of delight.
And the European bells will toll,
The hours of the circling clocks.
One, two, three, four,
Counting every quarter,
Like you taught me so,
And you will cut the tulips in the field,
And make that beautiful bouquet again,
I know you will, ma chère amie,
And think of me with all your loving heart,
So all will echo in my loving heart.

I’ve decided to accept a challenge from my brother- to make 5 pieces of art in 5 days. I have chosen to do 5 poems. I am posting them as I wrote them on the day. I am not working on them anymore than whatever time I feel the energy to write them during the day. Perhaps someday though, I will re-edit them. We’ll see. But I think I’d like to simply leave them as they came out.

03/02/2015- The Worst Day of My Life

It seems that yesterday was the worst day

Of my entire life.

But, now I know that I was wrong

For yesterday I still had the sweet divine

Grace of your company

And you let me drench you in my nightmare tears

And curl up in your love and warmth

Today I’m void and crying tears in tears.

Today you are gone

And I feel I’ve nowhere in the world to stay

And Today is truly the worst day of my life

Unless, of course, its possible that tomorrow

I will sink further even more

Into the dredge of misery

I thought I saw your figure today

Blonde, tall,

And waiting for me at the end of the driveway

Like I know you will someday

Yesterday I took the plunge

My tears were river enough

I told you I might drown

But now I know I won’t let it go

Life, I mean

Because if you exist

There’s good enough in this world

For me to stay

Instead I’ll go to the far bank before I sink too far

And someday hope we shall meet

Again on the same gleaming spring time shore

I have so few photographs of you

But, isn’t that the way it always is

With lightning bolt blue iridescent love?

For now I’ll know the love I have for you

And you for me, is still reflected in the blue

That will between us ever expand

In Magritte folds of puffy whites and blues

I thought I might have lost you

I thought this time I really did.

But you are always my darling shimmering you.

Blinking beautiful in the clearest blue.

This a poem I wrote while in Costa Rica- during the week we spent in Peñas Blancas. Found it again today while reminiscing about my experience there which began 3 years ago to the day.


In all the landscape before my eyes

In all I saw of you my friends

In all the heart and hearts of Costa Rica

It rained euphoria today.

In our yesterday we swam the celestial rivers

But this day we came to cross.

To follow the flows of adventure

To be utterly removed in a densely wild place

To see what remained when worry and time floated away

To press our boots in the lost of the earth

And to know for certain

That of all the voyagers along leaf edge

And pollen trails and mot-mot’s wings

That of all the worlds we journeyed through

Today we lived a fantasy.

The trail was barred by fallen tree and fer de lance

But the way was paved by Peñas’ unassuming king –

Eladio, el rey de las libélulas –

Until we came upon a clearing in the path

A seeping green expanse, a blooming dream

The opening in the thick, the place where the light gets in.

We were sole visitors of a lonely place

Specks in the vault of its lush isolation.

We left it in its solitude for the journey back

And that’s precisely when my friend –

It rained euphoria today.

To beat the rising rivers, not a moment to delay

But, the smiles were pure, the arms astretched, the heads atilt

To our sky,

Our torrential tropical sky

We were soaked in Costa Rica,

Drenched in euphoria.

We made it to the river’s edge, adrenaline rushed

To cross again the liquid fury, the raging passion of unceasing life

Filled up our boots and up our souls

To the brim with the magic

Of a day so far beyond perfect,

So part of the clarity of infinite flow.

Took off our drenched shirts and seeped with Costa Rica

Each drop a memory to join all drops.


You could never wring the ‘Rica out of me.

What it trickles down to my friends –

Is that we were the paths, the rivers, and the rains

We merged in Costa Rica

Because it rained euphoria today!



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