My favorite book, James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room, came with me to the hospital. The narration takes place during a single night during which the main character, David, faces his reflection in a window while recounting the events that led up to that night. We, the readers, are not waiting to see how the story willContinue reading “RUNNING THROUGH THE MIRROR: ON SUFFERING AND SELF-EXPRESSION”

I Would Be Sad

You know how smells can be powerful memory triggers? (an interesting article on that if you’re interested: ) And what of music? I think it’s safe to say we’ve all linked certain songs to certain memories, places or people. I find that music is usually less powerful for triggering past emotions. However, recently IContinue reading “I Would Be Sad”

To the friend I have not seen in a long time

To the friend I have not seen in a long time: I don’t want to hear about all your big plans, your job, or your distant future. I want to hear about when you woke up today and what you ate for dinner last night. What the first thought that popped into your mind was.Continue reading “To the friend I have not seen in a long time”