A love letter to the Sierra Nevada

My dearest and darling Sierras, You will have to be patient with me, I fear. Oh, of course I do hear the call of your Clark’s nutcrackers calling me from the dry white-bark pined heights to hike up and have a picnic or stay a starry night or two. But for the moment I cannotContinue reading “A love letter to the Sierra Nevada”

Follow Me

Follow me Follow me and we will journey As friends and immortal divinities Until the shores of our earthly ends Rising with the dawning reds We’ll adventure beyond all the crests To rock encased mirrors To slopes covered in crystalline whites To the deepest shades of wild and wind To the furthest bends of theContinue reading “Follow Me”

Landscapes Part 1

What is it about landscape that captures and consumes us? What is it about the first time you “turn the bend” and see that incredible vista- whether it be the grand Yosemite Valley, Chamonix and the Mont Blanc chain, or the tropical beaches of Phuket, Thailand that affixes your gaze? The above questions are whatContinue reading “Landscapes Part 1”