In Defense of Frodo

Disclaimer- All of this is my interpretation; I am making no claims as to what Tolkien thought or intended. Who is your favorite Lord of the Rings character and why? For me I cannot choose between Sam and Frodo. Sam for his courage and his unrelenting, loyal, and follow-you- to- the –end- of- the -earthContinue reading “In Defense of Frodo”

On the Phrase “SORRY” in Four Different Languages

*** scroll down for update Recently, I was thinking about the meanings and uses of “sorry” in the languages I am familiar with and I thought I would share what I find to be very interesting differences for a word that holds so much and such an important meaning. First, I would like to establishContinue reading “On the Phrase “SORRY” in Four Different Languages”

Landscapes Part 1

What is it about landscape that captures and consumes us? What is it about the first time you “turn the bend” and see that incredible vista- whether it be the grand Yosemite Valley, Chamonix and the Mont Blanc chain, or the tropical beaches of Phuket, Thailand that affixes your gaze? The above questions are whatContinue reading “Landscapes Part 1”

“Just Bagel… No Regrets.”

something i wrote way back in the glory days of high school… enjoy! “Just Bagel… No Regrets.” -Arcadia Girls XC                 So, from whence did this famed phrase come? Well, let me tell you this peculiar tale. One fine Monday morning workout on the 19th of September in the year 2005 we, the girls ofContinue reading ““Just Bagel… No Regrets.””

You may not be an Olympian, but you can still be Olympic

When you were a little kid did you watch the Olympics and dream of taking part one day? Perhaps you still do? Perhaps not, but this was at least true for me and I know it was for many others. When we were little me and my brothers used to host our own Olympic gamesContinue reading “You may not be an Olympian, but you can still be Olympic”